Preliminary results of the project show 10x to 1000x energy dissipation reduction in neural recording implant implementation. These numbers open up the way to self-powered autonomous implants, which will be powered by energy harvesting utilizing the ambient energy sources in the future. A continuously powered and operating system will minimize the burden to the end user opening up the path to different healthcare applications.

During the course of the project, 2 preliminary patents were applied for and granted, and 2 more patent applications will be prepared and submitted. Based on the patents, founding a start-up company to commercialize the outcome of the research is in progress. The start-up will be focusing on ultra- low cost health monitoring systems which dissipate the least amount of energy while giving the least amount of burden to the patient that is being monitored. A low cost, easy to use health monitoring system will have tremendous effects on the general well-being of the public. Such a system will allow everyone to have their own personal health monitoring systems with the least amount of burden to the person’s monetary budget. In addition, the envisioned and soon to be realized system will be immensely useful in both hospital and clinical settings. Furthermore, the research output will be employed in academia and research institutes for realizing extremely capable and miniaturized future